Slow Juicer MOHumans Premium

Slow Juicer MOHumans Premium

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  Extraction of juice low speed  that  gives maximum  nutrition  and flavor  of fruitsvegetables  and vegetables, with the advantage that squeezes unchanged their original characteristics. Other blenders centrifuge type, do alter these original features. In short juice with all its properties with juice extractor MOHumans . Specification * Torno and strainer UNITEM PEI and stainless steel
* Switch electromagnetic induction
* Large torque AC 65 rpm , with great performance in the extraction of juice .
* Reverse rotation and temperature controller
* 2 pitchers 0.9L, blanking plug, CEPIL
what,  and 2 filters, one thin, one thick.
  * Voltage: 220-240V
* Frequency: 50Hz
* Power: 200W

* Up to 30 minutes of continuous use.

* 5 or 10 year warranty on the motor and 2 years in the other components. Home use.

Engine:  Adopt AC induction motor 65 rpm , made ​​of fine copper and nearly 4 kg, and high quality. AC Induction motor has a larger torque that can stir the very hard things such as cherry pit and keep working long time   .   PEI Material:  Our auger and sieve adopt the PEI / ULTEM material. Material PEI is one of the most resistant to wear, which can help the juicer to squeeze any kind of fruit without wear, and significantly extend its service life.                   

1The use of  squeezing system  at low speed  without heat  and without  centrifugal force .
2) produces the maximum nutrition, vitamins, antioxidants, flavor, color and juice of any fruit or vegetable.
3) Quiet operation.
4) Quick and easy self-cleaning.
5) Continuous Extraction System. It can extract the juice with a maximum duration of 30 minutes.
anti overheating protection system . He stops and  restarts  when it  overheats .

7)  Engine Warranty 5 or 10 years and 2 years for the other components. Home use.



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