Ro without installation ZIP.

Ro without installation ZIP.

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Reverse osmosis without installation ZIP.

Zero Installation Purifier. Easy and quick to install and get purified water.

Zip does not require installation or connection to the water network, we can also transfer it to different sites. We just need a plug.

Zip filters are FT range, its filtering system makes its reverse osmosis method the most innovative in the market. Its membrane allows only the passage of practically pure water, eliminating in a high percentage bacteria, microorganisms, heavy metals, etc.

Technical characteristics ZIP

Dimensions (H x W x H): 415 x 250 x 380
Weight: 15 kg
Input temperature (maximum / minimum): 40ºC / 4ºC
TDS input (maximum): 800 ppm
Input hardness (maximum): 25º HF
Membrane: Type 1 x 1812 (75 GPD)
Membrane production: 200 LPD *
Decalcified water with 250 ppm. T: 25 ° C: 15% conversion
Membrane pressure: 3.4 bar (without back pressure)
Pump: Booster
Power supply: 24Vdc. 24W
Electrical adapter: 100-240V. 50 / 60Hz. 24Vdc
Tank capacity treated water: 2 Liters
Water tank capacity to be treated: 4 Liters
Flow rates can vary by +/- 20%. The flow produced will vary according to the salinity, temperature and pressure of the water to be treated
4-stage system (5 μm, BLOCK carbon, Greenfilter encapsulated membrane and post-filter pH).
The post-filter remineralizer that carry many of the osmosis, is the least convincing of this team, because it does not bring benefits under the vision of But it is a good equipment to purify water, if you want to avoid having to undertake facilities (reverse osmosis with installation), or clean the equipment after each use (domestic water distiller). In addition, you can take it with you when you do not have to be permanently installed.

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