Ro Lógico Aqua with Pump

Ro Lógico Aqua with Pump

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Reverse Osmosis Ro Logical Aqua with pump.

Reverse osmosis RO LOGIC AQUA PUMP with Booster pump for a higher pressure and a large flow of water, exclusive filters and post-filter pH adjuster.



    High performance pump: for greater production and performance.
Dimensions: 410 x 340 x 410 mm.
Includes Klein tap valued at more than € 40.
Deposit with a total volume of 16 liters.
Original consumables:
Cartridge bayonet filter 5 microns Logic Aqua (Ref. 980178)
Cartridge bayonet carbon block (Ref. 980179)
Remineralizing bayonet cartridge (Ref. 980180) pH adjuster.
50 GPD Aqua Logic encapsulated membrane (Ref. 980181) for maximum hygiene and easy installation.
Membrane production: 200 LPD.
Pressure gauge included.
Solenoid valve: immediate control. Built-in security mesh.
Pressure control: protection against pressure drops in the network.
Electronic adapter: greater safety and efficiency.
Pressure limiter: protection against overpressure.

The complete equipment includes:

     Prefilter of 5 m of pressed polypropylene.
2x 10 "BLOC carbon cartridge.
Encapsulated membrane
Remineralizer postfilter.
Drain connector.
Adapter with ball valve for inlet water.
Steel tank with plastic coating of 16 l. totals (Depending on the characteristics of the water to be treated)
Booster pump.
24V transformer.
Minimum pressure switch. Maximum pressure switch.
1/4 "solenoid valve.
1-way Klein model faucet.
Instruction manual in 6 languages.

Operating conditions:

     Maximum salinity: 2000 ppm. (4 lpm and depending on the characteristics of the water to be treated) ..
Pressures (min - max): 2.5 - 6 bar (kg / cm2).
Temperature (min - max): 2 - 40ºC.

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